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01 December 2007 @ 12:00 pm
animla precinct vs animal cops  
I have to say, this is hard for me to say. I live in nyc, but i'm from Houston. When I lived in Houston I HATED animal cops houston, preferring animal precinct. I feel like ACH kills way too many animals and gives much lighter sentences, though i do enjoy the variety houston offers: horses, cows, tigers, etc. I made bitter journal entries over this in houston. Now that I've moved here I've met people that know my hometown by that show and think the hspca is a good thing. I'm shocked!

does houston actually come across as good in that show? or maybe people haven't seen animal precinct where they do amazing things at no kill shelters? maybe my judgement is too harsh?

hmm, maybe i should crosspost this to lonestarnewyork.....