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27 July 2010 @ 11:23 am
The search for a veterinarian, Part II.  
Hey all. A few days ago I posted here searching for a veterinarian. Long story short: We just moved, which means the cats are still stressed out, plus their regular vet is like 300 miles away.

In the comments, someone suggested finding a vet who does house calls, which I thought was an awesome idea. Unfortunately, I'm having a little trouble finding one. I've tried yelp, but under "veterinarians house calls" I'm only finding two house call practices, neither of which anyone has rated yet.

Does anyone here have any experience with a veterinary house call practice? Good? Bad? Other?

Also, how does that even work? Are they like movers -- do they charge extra for stairs and stuff like that? (I'm in Bed-Stuy in a walkup). I'm sure house calls cost more than office visits, but does anyone know a ballpark figure?

I should clarify: The post-move stress is not the reason I need a vet, it's just the reason I'm hesitant to try to stuff my guys into a carrier again (i.e. why I'm looking for someone who does house calls). The reason I need a vet is an ooky-looking thing on my cat's gums. :(

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